Informal training & workshops

Personalised Industrial Relations

Bridge Labour Solutions offers formalised training.
However, it is our experience that informal training or workshops can sometimes be more effective, depending on the client's needs.  A short learning session can be facilitated by Wayne, focusing on specific areas requiring attention (for example, interpreting and applying your company disciplinary code and procedure).
This method is done in a relaxed environment which is conducive to learning and can be adapted to all levels of supervisors, managers and shop stewards.
You are most welcome to contact us for further information and to discuss your particular need.

Interactive training on offer

Industrial Relations and Labour Law

Bridge Labour Solutions offers the following registered training courses for groups of 7 or more:

  • Discipline in the Work Place (Basic) (1 day)
  • Discipline in the Work Place (Intermediate) (2 days)

Fees available on request.

More information and quotations are available on request.

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